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Comparative Analysis of Chemical Composition With GC-MS Method and Nutritional Content Between Pholiota adiposa and Pholiota microspora


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Comparative Analysis of Chemical Composition With GC-MS Method and Nutritional Content Between Pholiota adiposa and Pholiota microspora
WANG Xiaoyan12BAU Tolgor2BAO Haiying2
(1.Academy of Medical,Changchun University of Science and Technology,Changchun,Jilin 130600;2.Engineering Research Center of Edible and Medicinal Fungi,Jilin Agricultural University,Chinese Education Ministry,Changchun,Jilin 130118)
Pholiota adiposaPholiota microsporaGC-MSnutrient content
In order to explore the chemical composition of the Pholiota adiposa and Pholiota microspora,chemical composition of petroleum ether extract and nutritional components of P.adiposa and P.microspora were comparatively analyzed with GC-MS method.The results showed that the commonly chemical composition of both fungi were tridecane,pentadecane,nonanal,hexadecanoic acid,methyl ester,dibutyl phthalate,di-n-octyl phthalate,hexadecanoic acid,methyl ester.The highest content of butyl stearate in P.adipose was 27.41%,the highest content of butyrolactone in P.microporsa was 19.14%.To analyze and compare the nutrient components of P.adiposa and P.microspora.About 16 kinds of amino acids of them,which contains 7 essential amino acids and 9 non-essential amino acids.The total proportion of essential and amino acids in total,Pholiota adiposa slightly higher than Pholiota microspora.Pholiota adiposa was rich in trace elements.Among them,content of Cu and Zn,Pholiota adiposa slightly higher than Pholiota microspora.


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