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SCAR Marker Linked to Onion Male Sterile Gene and Its Application(PDF)


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SCAR Marker Linked to Onion Male Sterile Gene and Its Application
WANG RenhanXIANG YuanpingWANG Hui
(College of Horticulture,Qingdao Agricultural University,Qingdao,Shandong 266109)
Onion(Allium cepa L.)male sterile linemolecular marker
Five onion male sterile lines,five maintainer lines and 20 unknown fertility progeny materials were used as main test materials.The amplification of SCAR marker OC2175 in onion male sterile lines and corresponding maintainer lines were studied.The results showed that the marker could amplify two fragments of 2 175 bp and 1 053 bp in all male sterile materials,and the corresponding maintainer lines were only amplified specific fragment of 1 053 bp.Further 20 unknown fertility materials were detected using SCAR marker OC2175,and the result indicated that 4 materials was sterile,the other 16 materials were fertility plants.The field investigation was carried out on the materials of the 20 unknown onion progeny plant,and one plant in direct contradiction to that of molecular identification.The accuracy rate of molecular identification was 95%,and the marker OC2175 could be used for the screening of the molecular marker assisted selection of the onion fine male sterile line.




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