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Genetic Diversity of Wolfberry Germplasm Based on SCoT Markers(PDF)


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Genetic Diversity of Wolfberry Germplasm Based on SCoT Markers
YANG Hui1ZHOU Xuan2WANG Xueqin1KANG Lei1MEI Jie1YANG Jian1
(1.Ningxia Science and Technology Development Strategy and Information Research Institute,Yinchuan,Ningxia 750001;2.National Wolfberry Engineering Technology Research Center,Yinchuan,Ningxia 750002)
wolfberrySCoTgenetic diversity
Seventeen wolfberry germplasm resources were used as test materials,by using SCoT markers,the genetic diversity of 17 wolfberry germplasm resources was studied to provide reference for the further development and utilization of wolfberry germplasm resources.The results indicated that selected 7 reproducible and clear bands from 42 primers were amplified by PCR,a total of 32 bands were amplified,including 30 polymorphic bands,the polymorphic rate was 93.47%;the UPGMA cluster analysis showed that 17 genetic similarity coefficient of wolfberry germplasms was from 0.30 to 1.00,the average of the similarity coefficient was 0.80.When the genetic similarity coefficient was 0.72,the test materials could be divided into four categories.The genetic diversity of wolfberry germplasm could be revealed by SCoT markers.



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