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Effect of Colchicine Treatment on Asparagus ‘Dc Paoli F1’ for Tetraploid Induction(PDF)


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Effect of Colchicine Treatment on Asparagus ‘Dc Paoli F1’ for Tetraploid Induction
LU Zhiwei12HOU Xiaowan1GAO Jianming3ZHANG Yanmei12ZHOU Wenzhao12YI Kexian4
(1.South Subtropical Crops institute,Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences,Zhanjiang,Guangdong 524091;2.Tropical Crop Genetic Improvement Key Laboratory of Zhanjiang,Zhanjiang,Guangdong 524091;3.Institute of Tropical Bioscience and Biotechnology,CATAS,Haikou,Hainan 571101;4.Environment and Plant Protection Institute,CATAS,Haikou,Hainan 571101)
The sprouting seeds of the ‘Dc Paoli F1’asparagus varieties were selected as the experimental materials.With the treating concentrations and time of colchicine (2% DMSO added) as inducing factors,multiple gradients of orthogonal experiments were designed to study the effect of colchicine on asparagus tetraploid induction rate and identify the optimum treating combinations of colchicine.The results showed that the combination of 0.15% colchicine (2% DMSO added) with 16 hours was the best treatment combinations with an induction rate of up to 28.33%.The number of diploid and tetraploid chromosome in asparagus were 20 and 40 respectively.Compared with diploid asparagus,tetraploid asparagus had thicker individual,longer leaf,increased diameter,decreased stomatal cells density,larger stomatal cells volume,more chloroplast and chlorophyll concentration.



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