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Relationship Between ‘Hard End’ and Active Oxygen Metabolism in ‘Whangkeumbae’ Pear Fruit(PDF)


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Relationship Between ‘Hard End’ and Active Oxygen Metabolism in ‘Whangkeumbae’ Pear Fruit
LI ZhijunYANG ShaolanWANG Ran
(College of Horticulture,Qingdao Agricultural University/Qingdao Key Laboratory of Genetic Improvement and Breeding of Horticultural Plants,Qingdao,Shandong 266109)
‘Whangkeumbae’‘hard end’ disorderwater stresslignification
‘Whangkeumbae’ pear trees often bear fruits with ‘hard end’ cells in fruit top in recently years,commonly known as the ‘iron head’‘green head’,which is a kind of physiological disorder.When the disorder happened,the flesh got ‘hard end’ and lost its crisp,juicy taste.Based on many years of investigation,the differences of water potential changes of leaves and fruits,the contents of H2O2,MDA,lignin and the activities of scavenger enzymes (SOD,POD,CAT,APX) were analyzed during the fruit development between the normal and abnormal trees.The results showed that comparing with the normal trees,the water potential of leaves and fruits was lower,and the content of H2O2,MDA and lignin were higher in disorder happened ‘Whangkeumbae’ trees.There was a significant negative correlation (r=-0.828 3,P<0.01) between water potential and H2O2 content,and a significant positive correlation (r=0.764 2,P<0.05)between H2O2 content and MDA content in disorder happened trees.The SOD activity were significant lower,and the POD,CAT,APX activities were markedly higher in disorder happened trees than those in the normal trees.It was believed that there might be some extend of water stress in the disorder happened trees or fruiting positions of the tree,which excited the changes of the dynamic equilibrium of active oxygen production and scavenge status and caused the excessive production of H2O2,MDA and increases of POD activity.Thus the lignin synthesis was promoted and the parenchymal cells near epidermal were lignified.







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