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Review of Molecular Mechanism of Cold Resistance in Citrus(PDF)


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Review of Molecular Mechanism of Cold Resistance in Citrus
CHEN Zhi-yuan1DI Li-jun2WANG Guo-dong3HUANG Xin-min2LI Xin-sheng4JIANG Jing-long1
1.School of Biological Science and Engineering,Shaanxi University of Technology,Hanzhong,Shaanxi 723000;
2.Department of Science and Technology,Shaanxi University of Technology,Hanzhong,Shaanxi 723000;
3.College of Science,Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University,Yangling,Shaanxi 712100;
4.Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Bioresources,Hanzhong,Shaanxi 723001
citrusfreeze injurycold acclimation
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Low temperature is a main impact factor for freeze injury of citrus.It is also a frequent natural disaster for citrus production.When cold injury occurs,citrus makes some effective response to resist it.The plant signal transduction mechanism,cold acclimation and regulation pathway during freezing injury were reviewed in this paper.Possibility of improving citrus against cold injury with molecular mechanism of cold resistance and transgenic technology were discussed.


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