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Study on Callus Induction of the Leaf Blades of Lycoris longitubaUsing Thin Cell Layer Culture(PDF)


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Study on Callus Induction of the Leaf Blades of Lycoris longitubaUsing Thin Cell Layer Culture
WANG TingZHI Yong-qiZHOU Jian
Institute of Forest Resources and Environment,Nanjing Forestry University,Nanjing,Jiangsu 210037
Lycoris longitubaleavesthin cell layercallus
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The young leaves of Lycoris longituba that were cut into 2 mm slices as explants,which cultured in vitro on several mediums supplemented with diverse concentrations of plant growth regulator and different inoculation method in order to find the best conditions of callus induction.The results showed that the highest induction rate 90.0% was obtained from the mediums which consist of 1/2MS+NAA 0.5 mg/L+TDZ 2.0 mg/L+ sucrose 30 g/L+dried potato powder 3 g/L.Callus induction effect of TDZ was obviously better than that of 2,4-D;adopts blades vertically inserted into the culture medium of inoculation method,cultivation of 30 days could obtain the highest callus induction rate of 83.3%.


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